Our mission is to catalyze Indiana’s startup entrepreneurial economic development through consistent, local community events that help entrepreneurs and investors share stories, needs and ideas.

Indiana is #39 out of 50 states in average venture deal size, behind all four states that border us, plus Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. Yet, The Kaufmann organization notes that startups less that 5 years old account for all net new job growth America. The scene for entrepreneurs and investors in Indiana is confusing, driven by competing organizations that aren’t always focused on community need. The problem is worse outside of Indianapolis, due to a newer and smaller local ecosystem.

We are doing this all over our state through a common event template:

  • A keynote that inspires dialog, shares stories, and teaches lessons learned.
  • An unpitch competition featuring local entrepreneurs engaged in causal discussion about their dreams and challenges.
  • A dialog about entrepreneurial investing in the local area, sharing ideas and potential actions.

Here’s our call to action for you:

  • If you are a community partner, we’d love to partner with you on an INfuze Indiana program.
  • If you are a sponsor, we’d love to highlight your brand at an event, or all events, and give you the microphone to moderate or host.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, we’d love to share your story with participants through networking and unpitch competitions.
  • If you are an investor, we’d love you to come to these events.

Join us as we work to catalyze Indiana’s startup entrepreneurial economic development.

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